2004 Emergency Provisional

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2004 Emergency Provisional
Cat. Mint Unhinged Fine Used
5c Grey (Self Adhesive) 579a $1.80
(i) on Raflatac Paper (White) 579a1 $1.80
(ii) on Fasson Paper (Beige) 579a2 $8.50
50c Self Adhesive Sheetlet of ten 5 cent stamps 579b $18.00
... Ten Stamps : 5c (579a x 10)
(i) on Raflatac Paper 579b1 $18.00
... Ten Stamps : 5c (579a1 x 10)
(ii) on Fasson Paper 579b2 $81.00
... Ten Stamps : 5c (579a2 x 10)
No Official First Day Cover - 29 June 2004 579c $27.00

The Emergency Provisional stamp was designed by New Zealand Post and printed by CommArts in Wellington on a digital press in sheets of ten.

Paper from two different manufacturers was used and this has a slight effect on the printed shades on the front of the stamp. However the papers are most easily distinguished by the printed markings on the rear. In particular the wavy lines on the back of the Fasson paper extend through every stamp and make it easy to determine which paper was used on single stamps cut from the sheet.
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