New Zealand Stamps On Special


1948 Otago Centennial 
6d  Otago University  82d  UHM  $0.55
1954 Queen Elizabeth II Official 
3d  Red (Simplified 94f  UHM  $0.90
1957 Health 
2d  (i) (i) With sideways watermark  104a1  FU  $0.45
2d  (ii) (ii) With upright watermark (only from miniature sheet)  104a2  UHM  $4.50
3d  (i) (i) With sideways watermark  104b1  UHM  $0.55
FU  $0.45
3d  (ii) (ii) With upright watermark (only from miniature sheet)  104b2  UHM  $4.50
1960 Health 
2d  (ii) (ii) Perf 11½ x 11 (from miniature sheet)  116a2  UHM  $4.50
3d  (ii) (ii) Perf 11½ x 11(from miniature sheet)  116b2  UHM  $4.50
1964 Christmas 
2½d  First Christmas service, 1814 - Samuel Marsden at Rangihoua Bay, Bay of Islands  129a  UHM  $0.35
1968 New Values And Exports 
7½c  (i) (i) With sideways watermark and missing perforation at both top corners  150b1  UHM  $0.45
1968 Health 
21c  Miniature Sheet with six 2½ cent stamps (Surcharged for health 153d  UHM  $18.00
1969 Lighthouses - Centenary of Government Life Insurance 
15c  Dog Island Lighthouse (Simplified 157g  UHM  $0.90
1969 Captain Cook Bicentenary 
56c  Miniature Sheet with one 4 cent, one 6 cent, one 18 cent and one 28 cent stamp  163f  UHM  $21.60
1982 Definitives 
24c  New Zealand Map with Latitude / Longitude Lines (Simplified 251i  UHM  $0.45
1997 Purple Round Kiwi 
$1  Purple Round Kiwi  448a  UHM  $1.80
2003 Conquest Of Everest 
40c  Sir Edmund Hillary   557a  UHM  $1.35
FU  $1.35
40c  Tenzing Norgay  557b  UHM  $1.35
FU  $1.35
2012 Christmas 
70c  Mary and Joseph with Jesus (Self Adhesive) Perf 11 x 11¼ from Se-tenant Strip  739h  UHM  $1.25
2016 Royal New Zealand Navy 75th Anniversary 
$1  Conflict in Korea  814b  UHM  $1.80
2016 Custom Advertising (CALs) / Personalised Postage Labels 
80c  Christchurch 2016 / Canterbury Aviation Company Centennial / North American Harvard 1935  819ab  UHM  $1.45
80c  Arthritis New Zealand 1966 - 2016 (Self Adhesive)  819as  UHM  $1.45
These prices will remain in effect until stock levels reduce on an item by item basis.
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