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Issues to include:Christmas stamp issues
Health stamp issues
ANZAC related stamp issues
Chinese Lunar Year stamp issues
Matariki stamp issues
Round Kiwi Definitive stamp issues
Ross Dependency stamp issues
Custom Advertising Labels (CALs) yearly issue
Best of / New Zealand Post Reward Points yearly issue
... All other Definitive issues
... All other Commemorative issues
Items to include:Gummed stamps
Self Adhesive stamps
  ... from Stamp Booklets only
  ... from Coils or Sheetlets only
Se-tenant (joined) Pairs
Se-tenant (joined) Strips
Se-tenant (joined) Blocks
Miniature Sheets (excluding Limited Editions)
Sheetlets (excluding Limited Editions)
Limited Edition Miniature Sheets and Sheetlets
Stamp Booklets
Prestige Booklets (e.g. the 1999 Scenic - Walks souvenir booklet)
First Day Covers
Please complete all the fields marked with an asterisk. It is important that the email address supplied is valid as all correspondence will be emailed to this address.
We will use this information to create an invoice every week, fortnight or month following on from the previous order which is emailed to you. The budget amount is converted to New Zealand Dollars using the latest currency exchange rates available when the invoice is prepared. Items are picked in catalogue order until adding the next item would push the invoice total over your budget. All prices are discounted by 10% off the individual item price. You can adjust the order as required if there are some items on the invoice that you don't want - and there is a hyperlink at the bottom of each invoice to pay - so payment is as simple as clicking the link or scanning the barcode at the bottom of the invoice
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