1941 King George VI Provisionals

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1941 King George VI Provisionals
Cat. Mint Unhinged Mint Hinged Fine Used
1d Overprint On ½d Green 70a $1.35
2d Overprint On 1½d Chocolate Brown 70b $1.35
Set of 2 70c $2.55
During the Second World War, postal rates increased by ½d while stamp colours still had to meet the Universal Postal Union's requirements. To fill this role, the ½d stamp from the 1938 King George VI issue was surcharged 1d and the 1½d stamp surcharged 2d. This was a temporary measure to use up stocks and the stamps were printed in the correct colours without the surcharge later in 1941.

The 1938 King George VI stamps were surcharged again near the end of their life in the early 1950s and these stamps are listed separately under the 1952 King George VI Provisionals.

The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume II
Edited by R. J. G. Collins FRPSNZ and C. W. Watts FRPSNZ
Published 1950 by The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Incorporated
Pages 78 - 82
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