1996 Seashore Rock Pool Self Adhesive Booklet

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1996 Seashore Rock Pool Self Adhesive Booklet
Cat. Mint Unhinged Fine Used
40c Black Backed Gull (Self Adhesive) 428a $3.60
40c Sea Cucumber, Spiny Starfish (Self Adhesive) 428b $3.60
40c Common Shrimp (Self Adhesive) 428c $3.60
40c Gaudy Nudibranch (Self Adhesive) 428d $3.60
40c Large Rock Crab, Clingfish (Self Adhesive) 428e $3.60
40c Snake Skin Chiton, Red Rock Crab (Self Adhesive) 428f $3.60
40c Estuarine Triplefin, Cats Eye Shell (Self Adhesive) 428g $3.60
40c Cushion Star, Sea Horse (Self Adhesive) 428h $3.60
40c Blue-eyed Triplefin, Yaldwyn's Triplefin (Self Adhesive) 428i $3.60
40c Common Octopus (Self Adhesive) 428j $3.60
Set of 10 428k $34.20
$4 Self Adhesive Booklet of ten 40 cent stamps 428l $36.00
... Ten Stamps : 40c (428a), 40c (428b), 40c (428c), 40c (428d), 40c (428e), 40c (428f), 40c (428g), 40c (428h), 40c (428i), 40c (428j)
First Day Cover - 7 August 1996 428m $40.50
... $4 (428l)

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The seashore booklet was issued in February 1996 and was subsequently reissued as a self adhesive booklet in August 1996. The original gummed booklet is listed separately under 1996 Seashore Rock Pool Booklet.
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