1996 Best of / New Zealand Post Reward Points

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Cat. Mint Unhinged Fine Used
$5.40 Miniature Sheet with three $1.80 stamps 436a $18.00
... Three Stamps : 1996 Racehorses $1.80 (413f); 1996 Maori Crafts $1.80 (414f); 1996 Emergency Rescue Services $1.80 (417e)
$5.40 Miniature Sheet with three $1.80 stamps 436b $18.00
... Three Stamps : 1996 Coastal Wildlife $1.80 (420f); 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games $1.80 (424e); 1996 Centenary Of New Zealand Cinema $1.80 (426d)
$5.40 Miniature Sheet with three $1.80 stamps 436c $18.00
... Three Stamps : 1996 Christmas $1.80 (431f); 1996 Extinct New Zealand Native Birds $1.80 (432f); 1996 Scenic Parks and Botanic Gardens $1.80 (434e)

Each year New Zealand Post produces a limited number of miniature sheets, imperforate sheets of stamps and such as a reward for direct customers. These items can only be purchased from bonus Points accumulated from purchases in the year. None of the items here are available for general sale.

As there are so few produced, the items are quite hard to come by.
The resolution of the above image has been reduced to improve page load times on our web site. The original high resolution image is included in our Catalogue of New Zealand Stamps on CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive. If you have any questions or comments please contact us - we'd love to hear from you.

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