1964 Provisional

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1964 Provisional
Cat. Mint Unhinged Mint Hinged Fine Used
7d Arms Overprint 130a $0.80
First Day Cover - 14 December 1964 130b $4.50
... 7d (130a)

When airmail postage rates increased from 6d to 7d there was no stamp in the 1960 Definitives issue to cover this rate - the 7d Definitive not being issued until 1966. To fill the gap, the 1931 Arms Postal Fiscals die was used with no value printed in the panels at the top and bottom, but with 7d overprinted in black. The 1965 Sir Winston Churchill - Commonwealth Day commemorative also helped span the gap until 1966.

The bulk of used stamps left the country and so this stamp is rarer used than mint.
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